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Mama Massage Oil, 4 Packages (4x100ml/4x3.4 oz) Formula Vita

Mama Massage Oil, 4 Packages (4x100ml/4x3.4 oz)

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  • Mama Massage Oil, 4 Packages (4x100ml/4x3.4 oz)

    • Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin
    • With 100% natural oils like organic almonds, jojoba and sea buckthorn
    • Without preservatives
    • Without mineral oil and developed to minimize allergy risks
    • HiPP Mamasanft massage oil supports the regression of the skin by stimulating natural regeneration.
    • Regular massages help to keep the connective tissue elastic and activate the skin's own metabolism
    • The combination of high-quality jojoba oil, soothing organic almond oil and valuable sea buckthorn oil relaxes and nourishes the skin intensively so that it can stretch without damage