About Us

About Us - Formula Vita

Formula Vita is a German online shop specializing in premium food products for babies and toddlers. We founded our online shop for best European baby food in 2021.

Formula Vita offers premium formulas from trusted European suppliers.

All products are carefully chosen to nourish YOUR Baby with the best available sustainable and healthy ingredients.

Low Prices, Top Quality and a Constantly Growing Assortment

Since our customers are primarily parents and families, we pay attention to low prices and an uncomplicated, time-saving shopping experience. Transparency in the shop as well as a simple ordering process are among our highest goals. With our wide range of products we cover all needs of our customers and offer a multifaceted variety.
Any parent wants the best for their newborn babies. But it can be pretty hard to make the right choice when it comes to the most suitable types of foods for your little one. This choice might seem not that important, but it can affect your little one’s entire life.

We are shipping directly from Germany - where the most formulas are made. We have a large excellent manufacturer network. As a result, we are immediately informed of any recalls or potential issues regarding our formula.
We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer and that our findings help make your life simpler, more meaningful, and full of joy! 

We appreciate your feedback and ideas to improve our store by offering new European formula products! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime!