Preparing and Giving a Bottle of Kendamil Formula

All equipment that will come into contact with the water and formula powder being used to prepare a feeding must be sterilised to prevent risk of infection to the baby. This includes bottle teats and bottles themselves. All hands and work surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned as well. 

The best practice is to make up a feed immediately before feeding. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Boil fresh* tap water in a kettle.
  2. After the water has boiled, it needs to cool to a temperature of at least 70°C. The water typically reaches this temperature approximately 30 minutes after boiling. A thermometer in this case might be helpful for the individual preparing the formula feeding. 
  3. Per the formula preparation instructions, the desired amount of the cooled water should be measured out in a sterilised bottle.
  4. Using the scoop provided by the formula manufacturer, a corresponding amount of scoops of powder should be added to the water in the bottle (based on the ratio indicated on the formula container). Scoops should be levelled off using a sterilised knife (or the powder leveller that comes with the formula tin) – the powder should not be packed down. Care should be taken not to get the scoop wet, especially if it is placed back into the powdered formula container. 
  5. A sterilised teat and teat cap should then be placed on the bottle and the bottle shaken to mix. With some formulas shaking might cause excess froth. If this is the case, the individual preparing the formula can opt for stirring the contents in the bottle with a sterilised utensil, or gently rotate the bottle in stirring motion instead of shaking it. 
  6. The prepared feeding must be then cooled more so it is not too hot for the baby to drink. Body temperature is ideal (36.5–37.5°C) for feeding. This process can be facilitated by running the bottle under cold running water (while keeping the teat cap on the bottle so the teat does not get wet), or placing the bottle in a bowl of ice or cold water. 
  7. The formula feeder should then test the temperature of the prepared formula on their wrist before feeding the baby to ensure it is an appropriate temperature for consumption.
  8. It is beneficial for the bottle to be held at an angle so that the teat is always full of milk to prevent the baby from sucking on any extra air.
  9. The prepared feed is good for 2 hours at room temperature if untouched by the baby and 1 hour once feeding has begun.  Discard any remaining feed immediately. 

*Water that has been boiled before should not be used 

If bottle-feeding in bed, always return your baby to their own cot for sleep. This will help to reduce the risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as “cot death”. 




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