Preparation & Storage of HiPP Baby Formulas

Preparation & Storage of HiPP Baby Formulas

How hot does the water need to be to dissolve the powdered milk?

Please do not pour boiling water over the powdered milk to avoid damaging the vitamins and natural lactic acid cultures. Therefore, use boiled water that is approximately 40°C–50°C (104°F–122°F) warm. This is also the best way to dissolve HiPP milk formulas. To reach the desired temperature of 40°C–50°C (104°F–122°F), place the measuring cup with freshly boiled water in a cold water bath for a few minutes.

How do I determine the right drinking temperature?

You can check the drinking temperature using the back of your hand test: To do this, place a few drops of milk formula on the back of your hand. The temperature of the milk should feel comfortable.

Can I prepare the milk formula in the microwave?

If the milk formula is prepared according to the instructions on the packaging, there is no need to heat it in the microwave, as the prepared bottle is already at drinking temperature.

Can I keep already prepared milk formula warm?
Prepared milk formula should always be fed immediately for hygiene reasons. If your baby cannot finish the bottle right away, please prepare a fresh one.

The contents of opened milk packages should be used within 3 weeks. The foil bag ensures optimal freshness and aroma protection. Store milk formulas in a cool (at room temperature), dry place, away from strong-smelling substances or foods.


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